chconf for Linux

Chconf is a trivial utility that allows you switch easily between multiple system-wide software/hardware/network configurations.

The main idea is that every configuration, or profile, may be described by set of files, and restoring of configuration may be performed by restoring of these files with a lot of additional commands, like "service bind reload"

Look also manual page with more detailed description.

Source files


RPM packages (source and binary)

chconf-1.2-1.noarch.rpm28293Switch between multiple system configurations easya2d3786678d5abe471b07f4aa01159d0
chconf-network-1.2-1.noarch.rpm977Switch between multiple network places31af8024f2f0b0b392cabec649fa3b33
chconf-vmware-1.2-1.noarch.rpm2712Switch between running as standalone or VMWare guest9083e47022acc848cd162b0cee55cdd9
chconf-1.2-1.src.rpm18208Switch between multiple system configurations easybe35348fd4eafd5f4e572f5c71bb09d1

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