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Last updated on 12 Jan 2004

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EBilling is internal UCVT project for developing powerful flexible billing system:

Ebilling (recently renamed to TBS, TheBillingSystem) is written and maintained by Leonid Shalupov under terms of GNU GPL. Documentation project is currently in stalled state.

The only file that may be interesting for you is ebilling.html (with images).
All other files are placed here for internal development use. Sorry, only russian version is ready for now.

File Size
xml2html 1024
ebilling-netarch.dia 4096
net1.dia 2048
ebilling.html 73728
ebilling-netarch.png 83968
ebilling-netarch-halfsize.png 91136
lsnotes.txt 2048
mynotes.txt 1024
ebilling.xml 76800

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