microbackup for Linux

This is not yet another backup utility, but WRAPPER BETWEEN find+egrep, additional filters and actual backup/copy/archiver program. MicroBackup stores backup scheme and options for find, egrep and target archiver in simple files named policies. Documented policy sample is coming in this package. Ready policies for backup various data are allowed

Three backup schemes are supported now:

Additional archiving features are:

By default microbackup will be called daily by cron for processing all policies located in /etc/microbackup/policies.


Source files

microbackup-0.2.zipWed Feb 11 15:48:37 MSK 20049b3b825333e4797f328b598dbec88db3
microbackup.specFri Feb 6 08:07:19 MSK 2004b1aba6fd144ba5569dae099ffea83d55

RPM packages (source and binary)

microbackup-0.2-3.noarch.rpm62528Simple script for periodical backups using standard tools.5bc2f2c0b4dc31782be3147a806f1e68
microbackup-rpmuncovered-0.2-3.noarch.rpm3891Check files for owning by RPM and modification status after installing24db8b4a9b29d981d30e6623fced1293
microbackup-etc-wheel-0.2-3.noarch.rpm1516Policy files for backup /etc files changed by one of wheel memberse16e018dc8d14d617ed9a881a428da58
microbackup-etc-norpm-0.2-3.noarch.rpm1450Policy files for backup /etc files not owned by any RPM packageb99876faeb1cc15743e2ea51a81cdbc6
microbackup-rpmlist-0.2-3.noarch.rpm1116Policy files for backup listing of installed RPM packages4ec0b5042e321e2083855bbd677fd771
microbackup-netstat-0.2-3.noarch.rpm1140Policy files for backup listing of active TCP/IP interfaces1a55a06dc0d1417d730ea683fd2526ca
microbackup-bindirs-0.2-3.noarch.rpm1480Policy files for backup listing of binary filesa24c0f74d1db1f9c8c3212482b0ee859
microbackup-all-0.2-3.noarch.rpm0Empty package that installs all other MicroBackup stuffb3edfa7c69102b67f64890c10de90770
microbackup-0.2-3.src.rpm47253Simple script for periodical backups using standard tools.47ec3e227682a6c4aefc04da6d106c35

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