Samba-related stuff

Consume configs from directory tree

This is patch to loadparm.c that allows "include = directory-name" lines in smb.conf. This means that all files in given directory are recursively loaded and parsed as part of common configuration hierarchy. Why? This should simplify creation of scripts for adding/removing/changing shares (How?) ...because each script simply creates/removes small file that describes single share in /etc/samba/shares directory.

Additionally, sample scripts and patches for Makefile/RPMSpec are provided too.

Download, size = 5k.

This stuff was written at Summer 2002 and rejected by Alexander Bokovoy (very experienced member of Samba team and ALT Linux Team). Extracted now from old archives and published here :-)

Encrypt Windows password under Windows

Need to get MD4-encrypted SMB NT/OS2 password under Windows? Cannot find appropriate subroutine in Windows API? No problem, Samba helps you!

Gensmbpass is the Windows utility that's completely based on Samba sources, compiled to single source file (of course, only encryption part is included!). It can be compiled as standalone console application that receives password to be encrypted from command line, or as DLL that exports EncryptPasswords routine.

Simple LotusScript sample demonstrates calling this routine from Lotus Notes.

Download, size = 11k.

This is part of my unfinished project for integrating Samba with Lotus Notes/Domino over LDAP.

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