Remote Shell for Windows

Important note: I distribute it, but I don't support it since May 1999 (when I leaving CSA). All your emails like "Why RSH doesn't works on my computer?" or "When some feature will be added to RSH ?" are forwarded directly to /dev/null without any manual processing. Excuse me, people of Earth planet!


Both programs are based on software utils written by Silviu C. Marghescu: RSH 1.1 and RSHD 1.6.

My build solves some Cygwin/Unix/Windows compatibility issues. My primary target was to get RSH that may be called by my own (unsuccessful) Windows port of MPICH. All my changes are marked in source files by label EBCEEB; this is my family written in Russian, but using English letters :-)

Currently, RSH port for Windows seems absolutely useless because RSH protocol is completely superceded by SSH, Secure Shell protocol and it's implementations.


Both programs are distributed as ZIP-archives: rsh (15k) and rshd (40k).

Each archive contain ready-to-run single EXE-file and all sources.
Sources are compiled using Microsoft Visual C++ (also Borland C++ or CygWin GCC can be used very well).


This page is published on 7 February 1999, updated on 25 June 1999 (bugfixes), moved to on July 2004.

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