Software for Linux

My own projects, primarily maintained here:

Third-party software, with my modifications:

Another third-party software mantained/packaged by me for ALTLinux can be found in Subversion repository (specfiles, service scripts, patches, etc.) and/or in RPM form (see below).

My Subversion repository is located on site.

Portability notes

Remember that most of my software is xxx-specific:

RPM packages

All RPM stuff packaged by me for ALTLinux Sisyphus project is available on ALTLinux site (and on modern Sisyphus site, but with russian-only interface ;-( )

Remaining RPM stuff is located here in two directories, so you can mirror it easily by yum/rsync/lftp/...:

There is APT repository for ALTLinux users. Put following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:

rpm pub/apt/ix86 ilya-evseev
rpm-src pub/apt/ix86 ilya-evseev
..then rebuild your APT database by "apt-get update" command.

Several packages are signed by my GnuPG key since I'm a proud member of ALT Linux Team.
Here is key fingerprint: A5A1 8C2B A11F 3209 3783 DAAA CB49 C914 E457 31F1

If you want to get notifications using service when I update my site,
put your email here:

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